What are the best containers for cannabis seed storage?

Above all else, the best containers are heat-proof and vacuum-sealed, though most of us can make do with ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions. The two storage containers listed below are not only cheap and readily available but also act as efficient containers for storing cannabis seeds both long term and short term, however, note that the second container functions better when used for short term storage.

1. Glass jars

Glass Jars

Glass jars are ideal, just make sure they’re air-tight, and don’t forget to keep them away from light. Plastic containers aren’t really recommended, the lids are often not as airtight as they seem, and they can create a ‘sweaty’ environment for the seeds.

Ensure you seal the glass jars correctly to limit or completely stop the flow of heat, oxygen, and excess moisture and store in a dark place so the seeds receive little to no light. Doing this will essentially slow down the aging process of the seeds, they are actually living things, and allow you to keep the seeds for longer before germinating them.

2. Ziplock bags

Ziplock Bags

Ziplock bags, though plastic, are a really simple solution, especially short-term. You can easily remove the air to create a vacuum seal (it won’t be absolutely vacuum-sealed, but good enough for temporary storage).

Once sealed, put the bag in any dark container and pop it in a drawer, away from dramatic humidity and temperature swings.


Please, read the full article regarding storage here.

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