Partnering with the cannabis legends

At Homegrown, we’re proud to partner with American institutions like the Veterans Cannabis Coalition, industry titans like Steve D’Angelo and celebrated marijuana grow experts like Kyle Kushman and Nikki & Swami Chaitanya.



Do you want to know the processes practiced by some of the cannabis industry’s leading figures? Get a masterclass in cannabis cultivation; learn the best indoor growing techniques from the legendary Kyle Kushman and start to harness the power of mother nature with Nikki & Swami Chaitanya’s writing on outdoor growing. Peek behind the curtain of numerous advocacy projects care of Steve DeAngelo, founder of the Last Prisoner Project and Radio Free Cannabis.


“I’m really happy to align myself with Homegrown because, like me, Homegrown is dedicated to the idea of empowering cannabis consumers…empowering the cannabis community with information, with education… and when you look on the site, and you explore and you poke around a little bit, it’s one of the best places to get a good cannabis education. Lots of people say that the very best cannabis is the cannabis you grow yourself.”

Steve DeAngelo


“We teamed up with Homegrown because this is a company that’s really helping people to learn how to grow their own cannabis…there’s just such a tremendous choice, it’s like being a kid in candy store when you look at those lists of what they’ve got available… it’s a great thing for people doing homegrowing to be able to just drool over all of these choices and choose their cultivars… everybody on crew feels like family to us and talking about how psychic this cannabis plant is, it starts with the seed, and it has to have that good vibe around the seeds.”

Nikki & Swami Chaitanya


“So, you wanna grow your own marijuana? No problem! Whatever your reasons for growing your own cannabis, you’ve come to the right place.”
Kyle Kushman


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